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Meet Cass

Cassandra Kelln

Certified ​​Nutritional Practitioner, CNP

Hi! I'm Cass, a Holistic Nutritionist whose main goal is to help you feel your best, and be your best YOU. I'm a big advocate for self-care and I strongly believe that taking care of yourself is foundational in healing.


My own health journey started while I was suffering from mental health, reproductive, and digestive issues. I say journey, because I think healing is a never ending journey of finding balance both in life and for your body/mental well-being. For me, this means figuring out what works best for me and finding what allows me to be the best version of myself while still being able to live my life without unnecessary restrictions.


This means putting in the work mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thanks to my education and experience with natural medicine I am able to continuously nourish my body while actively controlling my Endometriosis and ovarian cysts while still ENJOYING LIFE. I am so excited to bring my valuable personal experience and formal education together to help you on your healing journey.

To learn more about my services visit my services page.

xo cass

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